Friday, April 10, 2009

Yellow Bearded Iris

In October 2007 I helped a lady in our church dig up, divide, and replant a large iris bed. In return, she gave me all the irises I wanted. I had no idea what color they would be or how they would do in my yard. I planted them shortly after and was surprised the next spring with large numbers of the beautiful, old-fashioned, purple ones that are so prevalent. They are wonderful and have a lovely fragrance. I though all of them were the purple ones. Imagine my surprise this morning when my wife Jo sent me a picture of this late bloomer! The date is incorrect, the picture was taken this morning 04-10-09. My other irises have finished blooming for the year, so this one is quite late. Irises are another plant that I think look best sprinkled in with other plants since they only look nice for a short time. Don't they capture your heart for the few weeks they do blossom though?


Phillip said...

I was just sharing irises with a friend this morning. I can't get them to bloom well because I have lots of shade now. That is a really pretty one.

Blossom said...

This is the second bearded Iris I came across today. Such a lovely flower.

Sad rose sad said...

Nice photo.