Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rose Blooms of the Day

I'm just posting new pictures every day of my roses in bloom because they are so beautiful. Here are some of the top performers of today, starting with Earthsong. Anybody from colder areas reading this should think about planting this one. It was developed by Griffith Buck (look him up if you want more info) to take harsh, cold conditions. Incidentally, most of the Buck roses seem to do well in high heat areas too. No signs of disease yet either. This one has a deep color and a nice fragrance, and mine seems quite vigorous up to this point. Isn't Earthsong a poetic sounding name?

Next up is yet another picture of Madame Alfred Carriere. I love this rose. I've tinkered with the exposure settings on my camera and this one seems to have come out better than many of my previous pictures.

Here next is are some buds on my Double Delight bush. Its beauty speaks for itself.

I'm having a hard time capturing the velvet, deep, red brilliance of my Dublin Bay blooms. These blooms are show-stoppers! I just wish people could see them in person to really appreciate them. This plant was just planted in October 2008, but it seems to love the spot it's in and shows no sign of disease yet.

Next, I've got a better shot of my Julia Child. This deep yellow really hits the right spot with me. This one has a sweet, but mild fragrance on a bushy, small plant.

Last is a full plant shot of my Compassion climbing rose. The jury is still out on how it will do down here, but I heard good things about it, so I'm trying it.

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