Monday, April 20, 2009

Wave to Ol' Yeller

First up, my basket of Misty Lilac Wave petunias. They are looking good.

I had someone tell me today that she has a hard time growing yellow roses, so I'm showing off mine to make her jealous. : ) This is Julia Child, who is putting on lots of blooms for me in her first year.

After putting up the picture of Graham Thomas from the ARS gardens, I decided to take a pic of the lone bloom on my Golden Celebration. The bloom was nodding and in a position where I had to hold it up with my hand to get a shot. I'll be glad when it climbs this fence and can show its blooms off a little better. They are showy, aren't they?


Ginger said...

The Golden Celebration is especially pretty!

CanadianGrandma said...

Thanks for sharing! Flowers bring such joy to one's heart!

Sweet sad rose said...

The petunia flowers are very pretty. you have many beautiful flowers,