Monday, April 13, 2009

Plant it now!

If you live in zone 7B or warmer, now's the time to plant a butterfly ginger. The actual name of it is Hedychium coronarium. This delectable plant grows about 5' tall, with tropical green leaves, and these whirling white flowers. It comes in colors other than white, but white is the hardiest variety and the most fragrant. Did I say fragrant? This plant will make your whole yard smell like a gardenia, plus it will bloom for at least a month (in Louisiana.) Hedychiums like partial shade and moist conditions. They will fall over if you don't stake them. They spread rapidly, but not invasively, so you will be able to share them after a year. The blooms come in late summer when few other fragrant flowers are in bloom. You simply cannot be without this plant if you live where it grows!

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