Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rose companions

Last year I had portulaca planted at the base of some of my roses. They look pretty decent in this picture, but didn't do well for long. I'm looking for ideas on what to plant around my roses this year. The roses are already much bigger than in this picture and have significantly more room at their bases now - at least my older ones. I'm thinking that portulaca didn't do so well because I have a drip system installed at the base of each rose and I water them quite a bit. Portulaca like the ground much dryer than roses, so I don't think they are a match made in heaven. How about some better suggestions? Here are some of my ideas:
  1. Scabiosa
  2. Scaevola
  3. Verbena
  4. Miniature zinnias
  5. Torenia
  6. Convolvulus
  7. Allysum

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