Thursday, April 9, 2009

Favorite Roses I Don't Have

There are plenty of roses that I crave, but right now there are two that really top my list.

This first one is called Lavaglut. I took this picture in Independence Park in Baton Rouge, LA. This photo doesn't even come close to doing this rose justice. Imagine a rose with glossy green leaves, a full shaped bush, loaded down with clusters of deep black/red flowers, going strong in the hottest part of summer. I'm told that the flowers last forever before fading too. This beauty blew me away when I saw it. It has a terrible sounding name, but I want it. It doesn't get much larger than about 3' tall and wide, but it's a stunner. The only drawback is a lack of fragrance.

Buff Beauty is another rose I covet. This picture comes from the Antique Rose Emporium web site. (I don't think they'll mind me using the photo since I'm giving due credit. I highly recommend everyone to check out their web site.) I've seen pictures of this rose on other web sites that make my mouth water. The plant loves Southern heat, permeates the air with fragrance, laughs at disease, and has this unique coloration. Since it's in the hybid musk family of roses, it can take a little more shade than your average rose. It is mostly grown as a climber but can be trimmed to be a sprawling bush. I'd love to make a tall tee-pee trellis in the middle of my yard with this rose growing on it.


Sad sad rose said...

I have Buff Beauty which has not bloomed so much in my garden but I think it is normal because it was planted last year, Maybe this year I will get beautiful blooms. I agree it is a great rose on pictures. I do not know if it would be a great rose in my garden.

Phillip said...

You've got to have Buff Beauty! It is in my top 5. The color variations are stunning.

Davy Barr said...

Phillip, I have seen your pictures of it and they are part of the reason I want BB so much.