Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Golden Celebration Ending in a Double Knockout

This is the first ever bloom on the Golden Celebration rose bush that I planted in October 2008. I'm attempting to grow this plant as a climber on my chainlink fence. It's such a beautiful color and the form is outstanding. Look for more pictures of this one in the future. I had to have this one even though it isn't the most disease resistant of roses in my area.

Though I'm not overly fond of the Knockout roses, this Double Knockout in my yard is demanding some attention. Yeah, it has no fragrance and it's not good for cutting, but a bush this floriferous has to get some props. The date on the picture is wrong - this picture was taken 4/14/09. I planted this bush last year, I think in April. The leaves haven't come out well yet, but they will be large and disease free when they do. Recommended for those who want to chunk a plant in the ground and forget about it.

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