Friday, April 30, 2010

This Dish Comes with Plenty of Butter

Julia Child, the cook, was famous for adding butter to her dishes.  I suppose for this reason it's no coincidence that the rose named after her is deep butter yellow.  This is a floribunda rose that doesn't get too large and blooms nearly non-stop from April till freeze.  The flowers have a nice licorice smell.  Healthwise, mine has stayed pretty green until late summer when it develops some blackspot and loses perhaps half its leaves.  I don't spray for blackspot, so that doesn't help.  First up I've got a single bloom.  The blooms start off this deep color, then gradually fade to a light yellow.  They are not long-stemmed, so it's not the best rose for vases.

Next is a picture of a cluster of blooms.  Typically this rose, as with most floribundas, blooms in clusters.

Last, I have a picture of the whole bush.  Notice how healthy this plant is.  It's a pretty small bush that would be nice for a large container, I think. 


Jeannie B. said...

Why don't you spray for blackspot? And what do you do instead. I know this is just a comment place but I do hope you will answer this question. Thanks.

Davy Barr said...

I have sprayed for blackspot in the past, but I'm increasingly getting tired of high maintenance plants and am trying to stick mostly with plants that need little care. I'm convinced that there are rose choices that thrive without all the chemicals. I'm far more against insecticides since they kill all my butterflies and benificial insects. You can see that my plants look pretty good without the fungicide.