Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early Sunrise

I planted some Early Sunrise coreopsis seeds last year since I'm wanting to get more perennials going.  These were planted in an old wheelbarrow that hardly ever got watered.  They did not get much attention at all and never even got large enough to flower.  Early this spring, I transplanted them to a good spot in my butterfly garden where they get better care.  They have really taken off and have begun to bloom with these bright, long-stemmed pom-poms.  Coreopsis are a nice perennial and they last quite a while as a cut flower.  This variety does not get very tall (about 20") and forms a nice mound.  They are supposed to slowly spread and need dividing about every three years.  Here's a picture of one of the plants:

Coreopsis are renowned for taking heat and drought well.  They bloom for a long time, especially if deadheaded.  You can also cut them back occasionally to keep them bushy and florific.  Here's a picture of a bloom up-close.  They rather look like marigolds, but don't have the smell.  Aren't they cheerful looking?

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Katie said...

I was just talking today about how much I love these flowers! In fact, what I was wondering is if they spread. I'm glad to read your comments on dividing them!