Monday, April 19, 2010

Go Westerland, Young Man

Westerland is a stiff-armed, climbing floribunda rose that makes blooms the color of sunset or orange sherbet.  It blooms in profusion and has a delectable fragrance.  Mine has grown very quickly and is a perfectly healthy and beautiful plant without any spraying.  The canes are very stiff and hard to train laterally, making this a climber that wants to be a bush.  Above is a close-up of a single bloom.

The color can be quite flashy and may not mix well with other flowers.  That doesn't deter me since I like gaudy flowers. 

This is another bloom shot.  The blooms open up quickly to show the stamens.  Also, the blooms don't last very long, so enjoy them while you can.  Not a great rose for cutting because the blooms are so short-lived, but still a beautiful rose for a trellis or fence. 

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