Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's Go for a Sail in Dublin Bay

Dublin Bay is my red climber.  It hasn't got large enough to really climb much yet but I'm sure it will eventually.  It has bloomed so much this year that I don't think it could bloom any more.  One of the wonderful things about this rose is just how long the blooms last on the plant before fading and falling.  Each bud seems to last at least a week.  It doesn't fade at all until the day the petals fall either.  A truly delightful rose.  It does get some blackspot in the summer, but not enough to really hurt the plant.  The one drawback of this rose is that it has no fragrance at all.  But who cares!?  This first picture is of the whole bush

This next picture is a close-up of some clusters of bloom.

And finally another bloom cluster.  My camera has a hard time capturing the red of these flowers.  Suffice to say it's the deepest, most velvety red imaginable.

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