Thursday, April 15, 2010

GBBD for April

In the tradition of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, here is what's blooming in my yard:
Homestead Purple Verbena out in the butterfly garden.

Irises along the middle fence

Roses, of which this is only one - Dublin Bay

Azaleas - this is Red Ruffles

Indian Hawthorne

I have much more, but this is a nice taste.  I'll be posting with much more detail over the next few days.


Becca's Dirt said...

The verbena and the iris are my favorite colors. Beautiful color on the azalea.

Snap said...

Love the verbena ... it was a favorite of my granny's.

Jean said...

Those Homestead Purples are real troopers, aren't they? I'd love to see all the roses you have in bloom now. I've only got one blooming now but I know next month they'll be shining.

cityslipper (small kitchen garden) said...

I love irises... and am too lazy to plant any in my yard, so it's nice to have a look at someone else's! Your azalea also is quite spectacular. Seems unusual to have the azaleas and roses in bloom at the same time (at least I haven't seen it happen around here). Nice post.