Friday, April 2, 2010

The Irises Have Arrived

Finally got the first open blooms on my bearded irises.  I mostly just have the old-fashioned purple type because they are practically fool-proof even in hot and humid Louisiana.  Other varieties of bearded iris sometimes don't perform down here.  Irises are usually so easy, but it's funny how many people make mistakes with them.  The main mistake is to plant them too deep.  Keep the fleshy rhizome with it's top exposed to the elements and not under mulch or dirt.  Also, don't water bearded irises too much.  Louisiana irises should be planted in areas that will be getting lots of water or they can be planted in water, but bearded irises like it reasonably dry.  Divide and replant every 3 years - there will be plenty of extras to give away to friends!  Irises and daylilies are my two easiest plants to pass along.

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