Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Azaleas Still Going Strong!

Azaleas are almost never still blooming this late in the year in this part of Louisiana.  In fact, it's rare for the azaleas and roses to be blooming at the same time.  This year is very unusual in that about everything is blooming at the same time this spring.  It makes for about the prettiest spring I remember.  My azaleas are still at their peak and today is show-off day for them.  The former owner of my house planted many azaleas along the north side of the house, some where they get almost no sun at all.  They still are thriving.

First up is Red Ruffles, a semi-dwarf variety that blooms profusely for me.

Next up is Pink Ruffles.  This poor azalea gets almost no sun, so it's not as big as my others, but that doesn't stop it from blooming!

Next is the ever popular Formosa azalea.  Several years ago I stupidly pruned this plant over the winter and cut off all the flower buds.  (Note to all: Never prune azaleas in winter!  They should be pruned just after they finish blooming.)  It put all efforts into growing bigger that year since it had no blooms.  Now it's making up for lost time.

Last, I'm showing two pictures of the only azalea that I've personally planted.  This is Autumn Twist Encore azalea.  It blooms 3 times per year and is the only azalea I have that reliably blooms at other times of the year than spring.  It's not as profuse as the spring-only azaleas, but still looks great.  Encores need more sun than other azaleas, at least if you want them to repeat bloom.  This one is on the south-east corner of my house.

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