Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrating the Gold

Golden Celebration is something of a primadonna rose in my part of the world.  Like all the other David Austin roses I have tried, it gets terrible blackspot in the summer and needs spraying at least every ten days if you want to keep the leaves on the plant.  However, I'm growing it anyway because I love the huge, golden, and wonderfully fragrant blooms.  They have that many-petalled, old rose look that I just love.  The bush gets huge with our long growing season and can be grown as a sprawling bush/climber.  I have mine on my chainlink fence for support. 

The first picture here is of a bud as it first comes out.

The bud opens further the next day.

And then it opens all the way

And here's a cluster of blooms so you can see more of the plant.  In a few days, the bush will be covered in bloom and I hope to get a whole bush shot.

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