Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madame Alfred Carriere

Madame Alfred Carriere is an old-fashioned climbing rose that makes blushing pink/white blooms with a sweet fragrance that wafts throughout an area.  It's a very fast-growing climber that can easily take over a pergola in a couple of years.  Mine is growing in the part shade of a live oak tree, so it's not nearly in an ideal location, but it's just shrugging it off and still growing like crazy.  First off, I've got a pic of one whole limb.  This plant is so big that it's hard to get a whole bush shot of it.

Next up is a close-up of one of the blooms.  Deeper in the summer when it gets hot, the blooms have less pink and are almost pure white.  This rose will bloom off and on from spring till frost.  It makes larger flushes in the spring and fall.  It does get some blackspot for me, but only enough to take about 40% of the leaves off in the worst part of the season.  I don't spray it at all.

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keewee said...

What a lovely rose.