Monday, June 15, 2009

Susie's Flowers

My sister, Susie, has her own share of beautiful flowers and shrubs. I went to her house yesterday and took some pictures of a few of them.

This is Susie's hardy hibiscus. The picture would be much better, but the heat and drought has the blooms wilting a little on her shrub. It's still glorious though, isn't it?

Susie has one of the most striking beds of verbena around. I believe that this variety is known as Sissinghurst. Makes me want to plant some of my own sometime. They are perennial for her and make it through the winter with no problem. They continually bloom like this.

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Katie said...

I always love seeing her yard! Her verbena is so gorgeous. I know you didn't put a picture of them here, but I love her roses too.

It was good seeing y'all this weekend. I hope Calvin is feeling better!