Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Passion for Flowers

If you don't grow at least one passiflora vine ("Passion Flower") on a trellis, you're definitely missing out. The variety that I'm growing is called "Incense." It's known as a hardy, deep purple, florific variety that doesn't set fruit. If you want fruit, then you are better off planting the common maypop, which is also a passiflora. You will not find a plant with a more unique and exquisite flower than the passiflora. Want another reason to grow them? They are also the exclusive host for both the Gulf Fritillary butterfly and the Zebra Longwing butterfly.

There are many different varieties of passiflora, so be sure to get one that is hardy for your area. Common maypop and Incense are two of the hardiest varieties and can be grown comfortably as far north as zone 6. They will die down to the ground after a freeze, but come back in the Spring. Other varieties can be grown further south. They are quite easy to grow and can even become rampant. Sometimes the butterfly caterpillars will become numerous enough to nearly eat the vines up, so you may want to thin the "cat's" out a little.

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Tatyana said...

I always look at them and for some reason, never buy. They are sure beautiful. I might look for a hardy variety. Thank you1