Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Blogger Bloom Day for June

The 15th of every month is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. Here is a sample of what is blooming for me today. I have other plants blooming, but this is a nice sample.

Red Double Knockout rose. Blooming as prolifically as ever.

The little China rose Ducher with some plumbago behind it. This rose loves our Louisiana heat.

Julia Child rose. Healthy and cute!

Gertrude Jekyll. Much more repeat bloom this year than last.

Pink crape myrtle. Just beginning the summer flush of bloom.

Westerland rose. Orange and fragrant.

Belinda's Dream. What a wonderful rose variety!

Telstar Picotee dianthus, still blooming into the heat of summer. I sheared them back a few weeks ago hoping to keep them going till next fall.

Rose penta. This plant seems to get better as the weather gets more miserable. It loves heat and humidity.

Incense passiflora. Such a unique bloom.

Luna Swirl hardy hibiscus.

Thunbergia alate - Black-eyed Susan vine.


NellJean said...

Before I clicked, I tried to guess what I'd see on your Bloom Day post. There were some surprises, and some met expectations. All are great.

I need to get a Julia Child rose, I really do.

ChrisC said...

You're roses are beautiful.We need to get more for our garden.

Jan said...

Your Westerland rose is lovely. I find I am being drawn more to the orange-colored flowers which is surprising since I don't usually like orange.

Always Growing

Phillip said...

Your roses are looking nice and healthy. Those Double Knockouts are hard to beat.

Becca's Dirt said...

The double knockout is awesome. So many flowers on one bush. The Gertrude Jekyll is mighty fine also. And your dainthus and rose penta are divine. Lots going on there.