Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Getting Very Impatien

Impatiens are probably the most planted of all shade annuals. They are so easy that it's no wonder. I couldn't resist getting some myself, and since I didn't have another hanging pot to put them in, they got stuck in odd little corners in my yard.

This first is an orange New Guinea impatien. I've heard they don't do as well as the normal impatiens, but have to see for myself. This one seems to like our Louisiana weather. I've got it tucked in between my giant callas on the shady, North side of my house. It gets plenty of moisture and mulch. Quite a cute little plant. Click on the picture so you can see just how beautiful the leaves of this cutie are.

This next little plant is a Double impatien. Yet another type that I haven't tried, so I got just one plant and tucked it also in my North side foundation bed with some more callas in between my azalea bushes.
Impatiens may be the brightest flowering annual for the shade. You just can't go wrong with them. Just be sure that you don't plant them in DRY shade, unless you water them often. They really like lots of mulch and lush soil. You cannot find a better plant to put in pots in shady areas. One mistake I've made is putting just one measly little plant in a pot. Put 3 or 4 of them in and the pot will look far more full and a lot quicker. Be sure not to over water them either, which can kill them.

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