Monday, June 1, 2009

Cramoisi Superieur

Here is a picture of two Cramoisi Superieur rose plants that I have growing in pots. These came from cuttings that I took off of my grandfather's bushes. This has to be the most ridiculously easy to propagate rose on the planet. All I did was take 6 cuttings from Paw-paw's plant last November, put them in clear plastic cups filled with potting soil, water them occasionally, and put them inside a plastic bucket with a top on it in a shady area. Every one of the cuttings rooted and I've given them away to family members except for these two. These two will stay in the pots till this fall when I intend to plant one in my yard and one in my mom's yard. I did transfer them to these pots and take them out of the plastic bucket once they rooted well in the plastic cups.

Cromoisi Superieur is an old China rose that can be found in many areas of the South. It loves our climate and generally survives and blooms with no care at all down here. Given just a little TLC, it will thrive. It tends to have blooms almost year round and is nearly evergreen. The blooms are smaller and have a sweet, but light fragrance. This definitely qualifies as one of the few roses that you can just plunk in the ground and forget about.


Darla said...

Great job! Love your impatiens too.

Dirt Princess said...

cuttings or flowers from grandparents are the best!