Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something New is Blooming

There are some new things blooming in my yard this week. Thought my viewers might like seeing these beauties.

First up, a cluster of Super Dorothy blooms. This is actually not a new bloom, but I haven't posted any pictures on this site of Super Dorothy yet. This is a very easy-to-train rambler rose that is purported to have some repeat blooming capabilities. I decided to try it since most ramblers are only once bloomers. It makes huge clusters of these frilly, pink blossoms. The branches of this rose are very pliable and with fewer-than-normal thorns. There is no fragrance that I can detect.

Second, is the first bloom of the year on my Jacob Kline monarda ("Bee Balm.") This is supposed to be a mildew resistant variety. I planted it because it's supposed to be a favorite of hummingbirds, plus I love the deep red coloration. Maybe I'll have further reports on monarda in the future.

This third picture is of a red Turk's Cap that I have planted in a large pot. It's another hummingbird favorite that loves heat, but can't take freezes. Another semi-tropical that may survive the winter with adequate protection.

Fourth up, is a cluster of blooms on one of my hyacinth bean vines. This rascal is thriving on my chain-link fence in an area where it is getting no supplemental water or other help. Highly recommended for covering a fence with little hassle. I really like this vine. It is an annual in Louisiana, so needs to be re-planted each year.

Last, I present to you my first Malva Zebrina bloom. This plant is also known as French Hollyhocks. It grows much better in the Deep South than true hollyhocks. I refuse to put a picture of my pathetic true hollyhock because it looks so bad. In contrast, this malva is healthy and thriving in a very dry area of my yard.

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ritab said...

I grow the malva too, but I wish we could grow hollyhocks in Louisiana.