Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Night Blooming Jasmine

My Night Blooming Jasmine is finally blooming. See the unpretentious, white buds (not the orange one) on the bottom left side of the bush? You don't grow this for the flowers, you grow it for the smell. I knew it was blooming when I got home from town last night because I smelled it as soon as I came around the corner of my house. The fragrance is very sweet, strong, and cloying. Some people love it and some hate it. The bush is somewhat lanky and open unless you do what I've done and keep pruning it back. I planted some Black-eyed Susan (thunbergia) vine in with mine and that's the little orange flower you see in this picture. This is a tender plant that dies to the ground after a freeze, but should come back in zones 8b and higher. No fragrance garden should be without this one.

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ritab said...

Love em and I want more of them in teh future.