Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Am I Posting Too Many Roses?

Mrs. B. R. Cant is thriving in our heat and humidity. As the plant gets larger and more robust, the blooms are getting bigger too. What a lovely rose. If you live in the South, you need this one.

Julia Child is flushing into bloom again. This plant seems to be getting healthier with the onset of summer.

Double Delight is becoming the star of the show around here. You don't get to see the cream colored center as long because the sun and heat quickly turn the blooms the color you see in this picture. Still not a sign of blackspot on this plant, though it's not known for disease resistance.

Can you tell that I just got home from 2 weeks on the ocean and am going crazy taking plant pictures? Sorry to overload my readers!


Anonymous said...

Too many pictures of roses? Could never happen... but feel free to try.

ritab said...

AWWWWW, Double Delight, the best smelling rose in the world. I love it and plan on planting more.