Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few of My Vines

Some of my annual and tropical vines are really coming into their own in the heat of early summer. Here are some pictures to make your mouth water.

This first one is my Mexican Flame vine. It has a beautiful flame orange color that really stands out. The butterflies like it too. A very easy vine to grow with daisy-looking flowers that are so appealing. Give it a try if you want something different.

Next up is a bloom cluster on one of my hyacinth bean vines. These vines are so vigorous and healthy looking! If you want something that grows VERY rapidly, has gorgeous tropical foliage, and makes profuse blooms like this one, then plant some hyacinth beans. This is one of my new favorites that I intend to plant every year.

Last up is a low quality picture of my Grandpa Ott morning glory. I don't plant this any more - it just comes up voluntarily every year from self-seeding. This year some of the seeds landed in the perfect spot where I water them a little more frequently. They are looking very healthy. I'm never up before the sun gets to shining brightly in this spot, so the low quality of the picture. This particular morning glory is a dark purple variety. I also have some Heavenly Blue, but they are not blooming yet because of the last start they got this year. These Grandpa Ott's seem to self-seed much more readily than my other varieties.

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ritab said...

Flowering vines are my favorite flower to grow, besides daylilies that is.

Do you grow the moonflower vine, I have white and lavender, so pretty. I also have corkscrew vine seeds. If you are interested in any of these let me know.