Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stop and Smell the Fruit Loops

Clerodendrum Bungei ("Cashmere Bouquet") is a plant that is hated by many. It is invasive and thuggish if given the right conditions. Little suckers will come up all over about a 10 foot radius around the original plant and it can rapidly form a grove. This is just the trait that I want in a back corner of my yard where nothing but weeds prevail. There are just times when invasive is what you want!
Here is a succession of pictures taken over several days of my Cashmere Bouquet.

The buds form a deep red cluster

The first blooms burst forth giving off the distinctive Fruit Loop smell that I love.

Some of the clusters have reached full bloom.

The whole plant in full bloom. Incidentally, butterflies and bees like this plant right well.


NellJean said...

I went out in 100 degree heat and better than 50% humidity, to see if I could find any C. bungeii. One tiny plant was all I could find. I'm not sure whether the plants I used to have succumbed to nematodes or drought. I didn't love them enough to start over, but they were beloved by butterflies.

I think they smell like Cashmere Bouquet Soap -- don't know if they still make that.

The butterflies will make do with pentas and blue porterweed which are really getting going in this heat. I saw a Tiger (swallowtail) while I was out there.

Jan said...

I love my Cashmere Bouquet, and I don't find it that invasive. The fragrance of the flowers reminds me of my grandmother who used the Cashmere Bouquet bath powder when I was a child.

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