Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Four O'clock Somewhere

The lowly Four O'clock doesn't get much positive press these days. It's just too easy to grow, often becoming quite invasive. However, in the right conditions, it's a wonderful plant. Anyone can get it to grow, it comes in many different colors, most varieties are fragrant, and it comes back every year. It tends to come up all over, but the small seedlings are easy to pull up and either throw away or give to friends. Cut them back so they will be bushier and not flop over. Not to be missed if you have a fragrant garden, but be sure you get a variety that has fragrance. I think the white-flowered kinds would look wonderful in a moonlight garden. The blooms don't open until the evening, but they should be called Seven O'clock's down here because that's when they open up in Louisiana!


Dirt Princess said...

Are you surviving the heat over there? Boy is it EVER hot!

nesie999 said...

I haven't seen Four O'Clock's in "forever"! This brings back memories of my childhood when my Paw-Paw grew them in his yard in the 9th ward (New Orleans). I would pick the seeds and play with them. LOL Thanks for bringing back the memories! Great blog and pictures.

ritab said...

I can grow 4 o'clocks, they just don't open for me, I wonder why. I can remember the purple ones from my aunt's house, they smelled so good in the evening when they opened. Yours are lovely.