Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Which is Strawberry Candy?

I have several daylily plants that I thought were Stawberry Candy. However, I'm now noticing that a couple of the plants are quite different. Notice the difference in these two photos. The top picture is much darker and the flowers are quite a bit larger. The bottom photo looks more like the pictures I see online of Stawberry Candy daylilies. So is my top one just a variant, or is it some other as yet unidentified daylily?


cherry said...

both are beautiful!

Dirt Princess said...

I am no help

NellJean said...

it isn't easy to identify a daylily from a single picture because there are so many (hundreds, even) that look alike. Usually a good guess is that a familiar daylily was one of a fewer number of popular cultivars that most people buy. Sometimes if you bought more than one at different times, one could have been tissue cultured and may look a tiny bit different to the original. Sometimes you get something mislabeled. Unless you bought pink and it blooms yellow (mine did), you might not notice.

If you bought Strawberry Candy, so you know for almost sure that you have that cultivar, you can narrow the field by measuring the height of the scapes: 26" and the size of the flower: 4.25". SC is semievergreen, so if some of yours are evergreen or dormant, that is telling. SC reblooms.

Sometimes you may have been given a seedling that looks something like the parent. I grew a red daylily from seed from another garden that looks amazingly like a red that I bought. Only when you hold the two blooms side by side can you notice the differences.

My, how I do run on.

Davy Barr said...

I'll probably never know which is which, but I don't really care. They both look good and that's what matters to me.

Darla said...

They both are beautiful!