Friday, May 15, 2009

The Easiest Annual of All?

This is a Sonic Red cosmos. Cosmos have to be one of the easiest of all annuals to grow. Just throw the seeds on the ground and watch them grow. They're drought tolerant, grow in almost any soil, come in all colors, come in all sizes, and are loved by butterflies. Want something tall and airy in your cottage garden? Then plant some pastel Sensation cosmos. Want something short and fiery for a border? Then plant one of the Sonic series cosmos in either orange, red, or yellow. Did I mention that they are quick to flower and laugh at heat? I think they are a fine substitute for marigolds since they are less prone to mildew problems and come in many more colors and sizes. Plus, they don't have the stink that marigolds have. The only problem is that the taller varieties may flop.

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