Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some New Bloomers

About five years ago I planted quite a few gladiolas. With no care at all, many of them still come back every year. This particular clump is so full that I'm planning on dividing it this year. These are the first blooms of the year from my glads. Glads are a great summer bulb. Anyone in the US can plant them, though you might have to dig the corms (bulbs) up in the fall if you live where the ground freezes. Give them sun and well drained soil and let them go. I've heard that you can plant them in 2 week intervals for continuous bloom over several months. You may have to stake the flower spikes to keep them from flopping over.

I also have a new daylily today. It's a deep pink with a yellow throat. It's fun to see what colors I will get out of the plants that I got last year.

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