Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Shady Characters

Here are some plants that grow well in shade. First up, is a pot with callas and caladium in it. I think caladiums do much better in the Deep South than hostas do because they take the heat better. I love their bright colors. I don't dig mine up and they tend to come back every year for me.
Next up is my first try with New Guinea impatiens. The bright orange colors really captured my wife's interest. I put them in my shade bed in between some Giant Callas. So far they seem to like the moist, shaded area. I've heard they aren't nearly as easy as the regular impatiens.

What shaded area would be complete without the colorful hydrangea? These are the old fashioned favorite to grow in areas that roses won't thrive. They need to have plenty of moisture and some shelter from the afternoon sun. To me, this is the flowering shrub of choice for the shade.


Katie said...

Hi Davy, I had no idea you had a blog. Found you through someone else. I knew you liked to garden but I didn't know you had been blogging about it. :) I loved looking at all the pictures here. You have some really beautiful ones. I especially love hydrangeas, and I'm so glad to see you have some!! :D

Katie said...

P.S. I'm a huge fan of roses myself. Since I don't have time to work with them myself I'll have to keep reading about your adventures with them!

Dirt Princess said...

Now your talkin'....the ol southern favorites. I feel pretty lucky that we don't have to dig up any bulbs here. It is nice to leave the caladiums in the dirt and forget about them. It is always a suprise the next year when the come back....I always forget where they were the year before

Davy Barr said...

Hey there, Katie. Glad you found my gardening blog. Stop by and visit anytime and make comments. Maybe someday you'll have use for some of this information.

Dirt Princess, I've noticed just how late caladiums come back. It's mid-May and mine are just starting to come out in some places.