Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Would You Call This Color?

I don't know what this color is, but this Dominic daylily sure looks good. Please ignore the despicable Bermuda grass growing around the plant. It's amazing the variety of colors that daylilies come in.


Dirt Princess said...

I love this color. I have a few this color. I am going to my neighbors this afternoon to photograph some of the 100's of daylilies they have. They have some hybrids that are about 10" in diameter

Davy Barr said...

The color is actually even blacker than in this picture. The camera doesn't catch it very well. It's a very "manly" color, my wife says. Nothing "sissy" about this flower!

NellJean said...

The hemerocallis catalogs call it 'dark red' but I think Maroon or Near Black more nearly describes it. I have three plants, waiting to see them bloom; no scapes yet.