Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Few Bloom Shots of the Day

This first picture is another bloom from my Earthsong rose. This rose hasn't bloomed in flushes for me this year, but has continually had a bloom or two going. Judging by my experience, this is more of a continuous bloomer than a flusher. Of course the bush is still rather small and it could change behavior as it get larger. I'll say it again for you Northerners, this is definitely a rose for you to plant! It was developed in Iowa and takes cold well.

This next picture is a double shot of my Dominic daylily. For today, this is my favorite daylily. It's unusual color really grabs me.

Last, I submit to you yet another luscious "Cape Jasmine" (gardenia) bloom. I put this as the desktop background on my computer. These are the kinds of blooms you see and smell in your dreams.

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Jamie and Randy said...

I love Dominic! What a cool color!--Randy