Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Blooms

Since I'll be up in Arkansas for much of this time while I'm home from work, I'm trying to get ahead of the game by posting lots.

First up is the last spring flush bloom on my Abraham Darby rose. The blooms are still wonderful, but the bush is covered in blackspot and has lost many leaves. This happens every year to this rose and I always think about replacing it till it blooms again and renews my admiration for this rose.

Yet another bloom on one of my Chicago Apache daylilies.

And here's a cute little Black-eyed Susan vine (thunbergia alata) bloom. It's planted in a large pot with a Night-blooming jasmine.


Ginger said...

That rose is beautiful -- I couldn't dig it up either!

Darla said...

Very nice, my blackeyed Susan vines are beginning to bloom too!

Becca's Dirt said...

Gorgeous rose. I can see why it is hard to replace. Great photos.

I just found your blog and glad I did. Hope you have a lovely day.