Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have Some Delicious Strawberry Candy

Thanks to a fellow blogger (Thanks, NellJean!) I have now identified this daylily as Strawberry Candy. This is one of the most popular daylilies on the market these days, and I can see why. These blooms are BIG, they have wonderful coloration that varies with sun exposure, and they rebloom. Not only that, but this was my first daylily to bloom this year! What more can you ask for? Definitely worthy of its popularity. I've got a few volunteer larkspurs growing next to my daylily bed and they make nice companions. Thanks to my sweet wife for e-mailing me these pictures to post on the blog when I'm working offshore and unable to even see these beauties.


Treasure said...

very nice.

Ginger said...

How sweet of your wife! That is a lovely daylily.

Dirt Princess said...

I forgot you were offshore. Well atleasy blogging can keep you some what sane while you are out!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Davy, thanks for identifying those morels for me. If we didn't live so far apart I'd share some with your wife. She could show me how to cook them.

I can see why the daylily is popular. Very striking color combination. I have a ton of older once blooming daylilies that should be moved and replaced with the rebloomers. Lucky they transplant so easily and almost any time of the year.

Sweet Rose Aromatique said...

I love strawberries and although this strawberry candy does not look like a strawberry it is still lovely!
Wonderful flower! Thank you!

Jan said...

Lovely daylily. I grow Custard Candy daylilies. It is amazing how many "Candy" daylilies there are.

Always Growing