Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Weather Roses

Many roses take a long break once the hot weather hits in Louisiana. Here are some that are going strong even with the onset of real summer weather. Belinda's Dream is just putting on her second flush of the season. The bush is still lush and green without even a hint of blackspot.

Ducher is another bush that is still looking good. The blooms are really small, but the bush is thriving in our hot weather. I'm thinking this is a great rose for our neck of the woods. Seems like most of the china roses like Louisiana. My other ones are in between flushes right now though. My only other rose that's really blooming now is Mrs. B. R. Cant. In contrast to these, my Abraham Darby is already nearly a leafless mess. I'm ashamed to even put pictures of that rose on here right now.

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