Friday, May 8, 2009

Super Dorothy

Howdy, Folks. Meet my latest blooming rose, Super Dorothy. This is my only rose besides Westerland that had not bloomed yet this year. She makes clusters of these very ruffled and frilly pink flowers. This is classified as a reblooming rambler rose. I will have to see if it really reblooms. What I have observed in my young plant is that the long branches are very lax without tons of thorns. It should be really easy to train around virtually any type of trellis. It's supposed to get really tall and long, so would make a really nice rose for an arbor. If it has a smell, I can't detect it. One other plus for this rose is that I have yet to detect any disease at all on mine. I'm pretty sure it can be grown with no spray at all. Stay tuned for some impressive pictures of this one in the future. One other note, this looks to me like about the perfect rose for a cottage garden. It just has that cottagey look.


Darla said...

Very nice indeed!

Sweet Rose Precious said...

this rose is so beautiful, i love it, it is small now but if it is a rambler as you say, it will be big in no time. please post pictures of it again, I am sure it will be wonderful, will take all of your fence and will be covered in blooms!

thanks for the wonderful picture.