Saturday, May 16, 2009

Full Shrub Pictures

Back to one of my old pet peeves again: Pictures of individual blooms are nice, but sometimes you really want to see a picture of the whole plant so you can see how it grows. Here are some pictures of whole shrubs in my yard. First up is my small althea, Satin Violet. I highly recommend this variety to anybody. The blooms are very brightly colored and the plant is covered with them.

Next, I bring you the old cottage favorite, hydrangea. These were already planted at my house when I moved here, but they were the dull, ugly pink color that I don't like. Every year, I've been putting down aluminum sulfate around the bushes to acidify the soil and now they are this perfect blue that I like so much.

Now comes my first full plant picture of this Angel Trumpet (brugmansia.)

Last, my Mrs. B. R. Cant. This shrub is rather sprawling and airy right now, but this plant will really fill out once it gets some age on it.

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NellJean said...

My favorite pet peeve, too. If I wanted to see down the throat of a lily, or stamens and pistils only, I'd look at a book of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings. What tries to pass as 'art photos' from the garden leaves me cold.

I like to see the big picture, even if you have to ignore a hose or some dying daffodil foliage.

Here's what I'm guilty of: I'm so enthused about the opening of the first floret, I can't wait and share the big picture when the whole flower is in full bloom (like on an hydrangea), or the whole stem has blossoms, (like on a lily). I jump out there too soon and then you have to look at it again, LOL. On the other hand, I have to hurry before the dog takes a bite out of a beautiful blossom.