Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Singing the Praises of Plumbago

Time for my annual post to sing the praises of plumbago.  I've got all new pictures to go along with my redundant rant. 

First off, look at this perfect light blue color that goes with just about anything.  Makes for a wonderful companion plant.

It makes beautiful little clusters of bloom.  They are not fragrant, but they are profuse.  And guess what?  They continue from late spring all the way till frost!

The bush istelf has a very pleasing rounded, bushy form.  If it gets too floppy, just cut it back some.  It likes full sun and moderate water needs.  I don't know that it has major soil preferences.  In zones 8 and higher it comes back every year.  It is very easy to root from cuttings and it hasn't been an invasive spreader for me at all.  In fact, I wish it would spread more.  I have yet to see a single pest, whether insect or disease, that has affected this wonderful plant.  It's hard to imagine a better cottage garden plant for the Deep South.  About the only complaint that could be lodged against this plant is its lack of fragrance.  Go get you some!


Rachel Greene said...

I really like this flower :D

Andrea said...

This is really pretty. I remember you mentioning it before. I noticed you said it grows well from cuttings. Wish I could get one from you somehow!