Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink Hydrangeas

I've already had other entries telling about hydrangeas.  However, this pink one I have is just coming into its own.  My daughter, Rhonda, sent these pictures to me at work.  This plant is absolutely gorgeous and I'm greatly anticipating seeing it when I get home.  Above is a whole bush shot that really shows off the rounded profile of the plant's growth and the large size of the blooms.  The plants with strap-like leaves growing on the left of the hydrangea are hedychiums (or "butterfly gingers.)"  Both plants enjoy the same conditions - part shade and plenty of water - so I think they are natural companions.

Here is a close-up of the blooms.  Such healthy little blooms that make up the flower-head.  I don't know how blue these blooms will get with more soil acidity.  This plant was simply labeled "pink" at the nursery, so I assumed that it would stay pink no matter the acidity.  However, the lavender tinge that some of the blooms have makes me think otherwise.


NellJean said...

A couple teaspoons of lime will keep your Hydrangea pink.

I had not thought to plant butterfly ginger with hydrangeas. Oh, wait, yes I did. Dotty me. There is a ginger by the rock birdbath.

Davy Barr said...

I actually like the blue color and hope they do turn that color. Here, we have to add aluminum to the soil to get blue flowers. I guess our soil is naturally more alkaline. It could also have something to do with being planted close to my concrete foundation.

Becca's Dirt said...

I have one that was labeled as a purple hydrangea and it actually has the prettiest pink blooms. It has been in bloom now for at least 2 wks and has just gotten a deeper shade of pink.

Jan said...

Hydrangeas are among my favorite blooming shrubs. You are right this is a lovely color.

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