Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Blooms of Gold

The David Austin rose Golden Celebration makes such beautiful blooms that they are breathtaking.  These roses aren't the most carefree of plants in my hot and humid climate, but to me they are worth it.  Count on this rose getting at least some blackspot and not looking lush during the summer period.  I do little to no spraying on my roses, but I have a high tolerance for blackspot as long as the rose is strong enough to recover from it.  Given good mulch and adequate water, my DA roses have been able to overcome bouts of blackspot and make wonderful spring and fall bloom flushes.  The full, huge, and immensely fragrant blooms justify the pickiness of the plants.  Golden Celebration has only been with me for two years and it's promising to become a nice climbing rose for me like Gertrude Jekyll has.  Abraham Darby  has become more of a large bush and has resisted my efforts to make it into a climber.  If you can't resist the magnificent David Austin blooms, go ahead and plant you some of them.  However, beware of the fact that they are prima donna plants and may misbehave at times.

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