Thursday, July 30, 2009

What NOT To Do - Over-water

See how great this hanging basket of impatiens looks? This was before I got obsessed with making sure they did not run out of water. I was so careful to make sure they got enough water, that I wound up over-watering them. This caused them to get diseased and nasty, developing black leaves and root rot. They eventually recovered after I slacked off on the watering. Dan Gill with the LSU Ag Center says that people actually do this more during droughts than normal times. You actually wind up drowning plants during a drought! People with irrigation systems are also prone to over-watering. Not only is this bad for the plants, but it's irresponsible stewardship of water supplies and money. Find out what is ideal for your plants and water accordingly. A little less water is better than a little more because it forces the plant to form a better root system. Live and learn!

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Becca's Dirt said...

Thanks for that tip. We have had some real crazy weather this year. Nothing like the norm for us. The weather guys tell us that we have an el nino this year. Bad when the tropics start heating up.