Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gotta' Have Some More Roses

I haven't posted pictures of roses lately. This time of year rose blooms are typically smaller and there are less of them. The roses take something of a break in the heat of our summer. There still are some blooming though. Here is a bloom on my Golden Celebration bush. It's the same bloom on consecutive days. Small, but beautiful.


NellJean said...

Are you making a list of more roses to buy? Seems as if the yellows do better in the heat, or is it just me?

I meant to comment on the Tuberose. I haven't planted tuberoses in decades. Thank you for the reminder.

... and I'm over vines. My cypress vine is twining, twining and not a single tiny blossom.

Davy Barr said...

In my yard the yellow roses aren't really doing any better than the others. Guess I've just been taking more pictures of the yellows lately. : )

I'm planning on getting two more roses this fall. They are Buff Beauty and Prosperity. Both are hybrid musk roses which I don't have any of. Also, I saw both of these roses at the ARS gardens this April and they stunned me with their beauty and fragrance. I just have to get those two.

Cypress vine is one of the few vines that I've resisted planting because of its invasiveness. Instead, I plant the similar Cardinal Climber. I actually like it when my vines delay bloom until they get really big, because when they finally start blooming it is a much better show. I had one morning glory that did that last year and it was my biggest show-stopper once it did start.