Friday, July 3, 2009

Deep Red Zinnias

My daughter, Rhonda, took these pictures for me the other day and they look wonderful.

This is a red Bennary's Giant zinnia. Zinnias are a wonderful drought tolerant plant, so they are perfect for growing this time of year. You can even plant them in the middle of the summer down South. They love the heat. This variety is bright red and the plants get about 3 feet tall.

This is just another picture of the zinnia blooming right by a patch of Telstar Picotee dianthus. It's amazing that these dianthus have thrived in the heat. I think they will make it through the summer and really have a coming out party this fall.

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AnnF said...

I find zinnias more challenging because of the long wait to plant (around June 1 for me) and then to bloom. Beautiful!