Saturday, July 25, 2009

What NOT To Do In Your Garden

In the midst of hot summer and while I'm offshore at work, this is a good time to start a new series that I intend to be on-going on my blog. There are various things I have learned NOT to do in my garden. In an effort to share this knowledge and document it for myself, I'll begin posting these learnings.

Since my moonflowers are blooming so well now and look so beautiful, it's a good time to share something I learned last year about them. I made the mistake of thinning my moonflowers too early. Why was this a mistake, you say? Well, bugs in my area particularly love baby moonflower seedlings. Since I thinned down each group of moonflowers to only 2 seedlings each, the bugs happily ate them all up before they got big enough to still live. The result was that I didn't have any moonflowers last year. This year, I planted at least 6 seeds per spot and didn't thin any of them until they started getting lots of growth. The bugs couldn't eat them all and I now have lovely moonflower vines like the one above growing everywhere I want them. This could equally apply to many other seedlings and is a lesson to don't get anxious and thin seedlings too early. Live and learn!


Ginger said...

"What not to do" is a great idea! I grew moonflowers on my chainlink fence last year, too. They smell so good!

Nell Jean said...

I think we learn more from the wrong things we do than from the successful garden projects. Documenting our mistakes is a great idea. I like the way that you tell the mistake, but illustrate with a positive photo.