Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Moonflowers are so romantic looking. They come out in the evening and also have a charming fragrance. They look wonderful climbing a chain-link fence and are very easy to grow. Just put some seeds in the ground once there is no danger of a freeze, water, and watch them grow. They are in the morning glory family, but bloom in the evening. Because of this, they make nice companion vines to morning glories. Mine would be doing better this year, but this drought we are having is taking a toll on the moonflowers. They really need full sun to thrive, so don't try them under a tree.


Randy Emmitt said...

We are not having much luck with moomflowers here either. The first seeds we planted none came up. So we bought plants then more seeds. Now the seedlings are 6 inches tall, the plants bloomed two days ago.

Jan said...

I love moonflowers. I esp. love the way the bloom spirals just before opening. Reminds me of a seashell.

Always Growing

Darla said...

Have never grown moonflowers. Haven't seen you around, you okay?

Davy Barr said...

I've been on vacation and not at home for the last two weeks. Will be updating things more often in the next few days.