Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Profusion of Fire

The LSU Ag Center has touted the Profusion zinnias for several years as a wonderful zinnia for Louisiana. It takes heat well, resists mildew, doesn't get tall and floppy, and blooms continuously. Butterflies frequently visit the blooms as well. I decided to try one clump of the "fire" color in the series this year and am very pleased with this result. I'll definitely plant more of these easy-care annuals in years to come. The color starts out deep orange and fades lighter leaving subtle shades of variation over the plant. It makes a plant that has become a 12" ball of foliage and flower for me. I can imagine these look wonderful planted in larger drifts. Definitely a keeper. I've heard that some of the other colors in the series fade to an ugly shade, but "Fire" keeps its good looks.

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Phillip said...

One of the best annuals for hot color!