Wednesday, May 26, 2010

European Charm

I've been in Europe for the past two weeks with basically no internet access.  Took pictures of some of the fabulous flowers that I saw.  I don't know the names of most of these, so help identifying them would be greatly appreciated.  I know what these first ones are - they are Paulownia trees.  These are all over France and they were in full bloom while I was there.  Just beautiful.  There were many different shades.  I'm surprised that more of these aren't planted in the US.  These particular ones look like crape myrtle trees.

These large flower beds were all over Paris as well. 

These alpine wildflowers were growing in the rocks in Switzerland.  I love them, but have no idea what they are called.

Next up, me standing next to a rock garden on a slope below a house in Gimmelwald, Switzerland.  What great use of space. 

I'm convinced that in Switzerland all you have to do to have a nice flower garden is just quit mowing your yard.  For instance, this unmown lot in Interlaken, Switzerland, was covered in beautiful daisies.

These pots full of pansies were all over the streets of Bacharach, Germany.  Europe must be paradise for pansies.

I really didn't get good pictures of many of the flowers, but seeing them in person was a joy I'll never forget.  There was even a big rose show going on in the Pope's Palace in Avignon, France, while I was there.  I wish more of our cities were as well landscaped as those in Europe.  It would bring joy to so many people.

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Antique ART Garden said...

In Europe for two weeks ! How exciting, my parents said the gardens are everywhere and so lovely. You were blessed to go, thanks for sharing, Gina