Friday, May 7, 2010

Super Dorothy

My grandmother passed away earlier this week and it totally put me out of the mood to post.  Her name was Dorothy, so it's quite amazing that my rambling rose Super Dorothy came into full bloom this very week.  Such a nice show to cheer me up with the passing of my Maw-maw. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get any close-up pictures of the huge clusters of bloom, but I did get some nice whole bush shots that I'm sharing. 

I've had this rose for several years now and it's finally reached the "leap" stage and put on its best show.  Ramblers typically flush after ever-bloomers have finished their first flush.  They bloom only once, but it's quite a show.  This rose has never shown even one speck of blackspot or mildew despite no spraying at all.  It's also very easy to train because the canes are very limber with reasonably few thorns.  These make nice roses for arbors.  Everyone should make room for at least one member of the rambler family. 

Don't you think this would look nice in a cottage garden setting?  Maybe growing on a white picket fence or climbing up the side of a gazebo.  It doesn't have any fragrance.  However, unlike other roses, bees seem to love this one. 

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Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear of your Grandmothers passing, though how wonderful that the rose bloomed just at this time. It's a beautiful climber. I've not ever seen it before. Thank you for sharing it.