Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beauty in the Buff

This is a cluster of blooms on my little Buff Beauty rose.  It's such a small plant that it isn't making a great impression yet, but I expect great things from this rose.  It's a hybrid musk rose that I planted last October after seeing it thrive at the American Rose Society gardens in Shreveport, LA.  I've also seen some wonderful pictures of this rose on various rose blogs on the internet.  It's a sprawling, spreading, semi-climber that tolerates more shade than most roses and has a wonderful fragrance.  I also love the buff/apricot color.  It's still young, but I have yet to see any disease show up.  It is supposed to have a large spring flush of blooms, sporadic summer bloom, and another nice flush in the fall.  I intend to really showcase this rose in the future if it performs as expected.

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